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Is elementary OS good for programming beginners?

I made the switch from macOS to elementary OS a few months back because I am bit tired of Apple's ways (a different rant) and if anything improved my development workflow. I thought I would have to ...
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Using Granite with a different language besides Vala

Granite is written in Vala, so it provides a C API which you can use from C++. Using it should be fairly straightforward; just #include <granite.h> in your code, and build with something like ...
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App development with Ruby in elementary OS

This GitHub repository gives you some basic examples on how to build a GTK app using Ruby. This is example #2 being run:
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Linked style doesn't work for buttons

The Gtk.HeaderBar provides special styling for Gtk.Button's so that they look good inside it. The solution: In your case the solution is easy: remove the image-button style class from the ...
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Is elementary OS good for programming beginners?

I'd say elementary OS is as good as any other flavor of Linux for learning programming. You can install many different compilers and interpreters. Python should already be installed. I think gcc for C ...
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Can't open my command line c++ app

Okay, first, I think that "can't run" isn't correct, because you can run it - you can see at your screenshot, that it runs (there is no prompt line after you start program) and the process is on. ...
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Is there is full IDE available for writing apps on elementary OS?

You might want to try the nightly version of Gnome Builder: I like to check in on the development of Gnome Builder from time to time, because for better or worse, I'm an IDE guy when it comes down ...
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Is it real to install any IDE on elementary OS, like NetBeans, Code:Blocks, etc

There are many IDEs available for elementary OS. I personally use Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, VS Code, Scratch, and Gnome Builder. Bottomline: Whatever language you are working in or whatever ...
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