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You can trigger this through dbus: dbus-send --session --dest=org.pantheon.gala --print-reply /org/pantheon/gala org.pantheon.gala.PerformAction int32:1. This is how the .desktop file opens the multitasking view (https://github.com/elementary/gala/blob/master/data/gala-multitaskingview.desktop.in).


Probably there is a command from terminal without extra packages, but if you install xdotool you can run terminal commands to emulate keyboard shortcuts. You can install it by sudo apt install xdotool and if you didn't change the default keyboard shortcut for Multytask View you can launch it from terminal (or a custom script) by xdotool key super+s. Using ...


I also am looking for a solution but don't see one. It might be possible by modifying Pantheon. But you can try the program 'kmag' (apt install kmag) which creates a window which is zoomed in to your screen. It's not really the same. But you could move it to a second screen which would then be a zoomed in version of your main screen.

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