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Run these commands in a terminal will reverse the permission changes: cd /usr/share/fonts sudo find -type d -name '*' -exec chmod 755 {} \; sudo find -type f -name '*' -exec chmod 644 {} \; The first command makes sure you are in the right folder. The second command changes the permissions of all the folders. The third command changes the permissions of all ...


Files does have a search facility - you just start typing or press <Ctrl>F and type into the pathbar (which doubles as search entry). The first results returned are those found in the current directory. It also returns (grouped separately) results found in subfolders of the current folder, in bookmarks and in recently used. However, if you wish you ...

0 worked fine for me as well! Thanks! (I cannot upvote, since I still haven't got enough reputation). An important detail is that you have to checkout the "dropbox-plugin" branch and follow the instructions from from there.


The only answer to this is to get it fixed in the source code so an issue needs to be raised at - I will do that for you.


You should see a progress bar in the icon in the dock? There are some known bugs in the progress window at the moment e.g. see and I find that after some file transfers, the operation is not properly cleaned up (e.g. the progress bar in the plank icon may ...

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