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I solved this -for Ardour files in my case- adding a %U to the Exec element in ~/.local/share/applications/ardour.desktop. As soon as I added the option to the command the application showed up in the Pantheon Files applications list. I don't know if this file is here because I installed Ardour from source or if this is where the shortcut is placed, but I'm ...


At the moment, only the pathbar of the filechooser is supplied by Files, the rest (including keypress handling) is the standard Gtk filechooser so I am not sure this can be fixed. However, the intention is to use the NativeFileChooser interface to have the whole filechooser supplied by Files in which the shortcut will work. I have raised an issue on the ...


Install and launch elementary tweaks. Go to Files and disable Single Click (see screenshot).

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