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Current Stance The official stance currently that they don't really need a full suite themselves, nor do they want to ship an office suite that isn't theirs. Until then, there are several third party options (see below). For my personal opinions, taking the near-ubiquitous Microsoft Office as an example, it comes with: Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote Outlook ...


The folks from Xubuntu are currently working on an elementary icon theme for LibreOffice in Github


elementary's policy is to ship default apps that comply with their design guidelines, which integrate with the desktop environment in the smoothest possible way. None of the office suites out there - and certainly not Libre Office - do that, so it only makes sense not to include any office application by default and let the users free to install the one ...


If you have problems with starting MS Office with wine (silent crashes, etc.) then you might be missing some libraries (.dll) or you haven't properly installed it (You can install most of them through Winetricks). To troubleshoot it, try running it through terminal like this: wine /path/to/office/winword.exe you should get some error details. As with ...


2D and 3D CAD: Yes, I would recommend FreeCAD! MS Office: There are ways to use Microsoft Office with Linux but it runs really bad, have a look here. I would recommend using LibreOffice, it is faster, has a clean UI and works great on elementary! iPod Classic synchronizing: There are many music players for linux that list iPod support as a feature, like ...


You should look for the .desktop file of the Microsoft Word (in ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs) and append %F to the line that starts with Exec=.


This is most likely to be an issue with WPS rather than with the OS itself. Could you try using another suite? Libre Office for instance.


Libreoffice Impress (from version 4.1 and above) supports to open and edit .ppsx files. You can install it from Canonical repository executing from terminal: sudo apt-get install libreoffice-impress

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