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Compress and Extract options missing from Files with latest update

Managed to solve this. It seems this issue affects those who update via the terminal. sudo apt install --reinstall org.gnome.fileroller
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What should be done with boot partition for updated installation of elementary OS Odin

There are few things to know here. The default Windows EFI partition of 100MB is too small for Windows and Elementary - Elementary will not be able to install on it. You need to create a second EFI ...
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Is there an 'Elementary for Dummies'?

There are already answers to similar questions. Upgrade latest Hera to Odin How to update from Elementary OS 5.1.7 to Elementary 6 As I ...
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Odin fonts unsharp, how to fix like Hera?

It's the font! I changed to Open Sans as in Hera and the font is sharper again.
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MTP: Unable to show folder

Looks like this is a regression due to a major re-write of the sidebar code. There is an issue report already here: There is a PR awaiting review and ...
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Elementary os 6 can't sudo apt-get update or any other apt-get

To remove the two PPAs that are giving you errors, you will need to edit your sources.list file. Here's how: Open Terminal (if it's not already open) Edit the sources.list file: sudo vi /etc/apt/...
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How do you forget a WiFi connection?

How very, very odd. I, too, cannot delete a wireless network from the list with any pointer or keyboard combinations. That said, because Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, you can do this "the ...
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Elementary OS 6 installation without grub boot-loader

I opened a terminal console and ran: sudo apt install ubiquiti Then: ubiquity -b I managed to run the installation and was able to boot it but it throws a problem with the password. It does not ...
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Installed elementary OS 6 Odin on HP Elitebook 2570p. No WiFi. Broadcom BCM43228

I had a similar issue on a MacBook Air and used the instructions on AsK Ubuntu sudo apt update sudo update-pciids sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer sudo apt install linux-firmware sudo reboot ...
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Black screen at boot of installer for MacBookPro2,2 - how to isolate point of failure?

The "point of failure" is likely the hardware itself, as the MacBook Pro you're using shipped in autumn 2006. Comparing the specifications of a fully loaded, top-of-the-line MacBook Pro for ...
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Unable to suspend in Odin

I had the same issue and the update to 6.1 didn't solved the issue. I could solve it following some help from other topics: Disabling USB devices (including bluetooth) that keeps turning on the ...
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