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Found solution that works in the terminal app: System Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad -> Clicking -> Middle click paste


I had the exact issue. After rebooting my computer, my mouse and keyboard were completely unresponsive and I noticed that a blinking cursor on one of my start-up programs became and stayed solid, suggesting that my entire system had crashed. I'm not sure if you're still having the issue, but I was able to solve my issue by reinstalling input devices: sudo ...


Hey there I wondered the same thing! and I hope that this starts to be something that makes it into the system settings some day. The reason being: that once you have set it up, it is out of the way and you don't think about it ever again. I have used a different option that is a more straight forward slider that you can drag and set the speed. I used ...


This solution worked for me so far: Edit /etc/bluetooth/input.conf and under section [General], uncomment the line IdleTimeout=0 # Set idle timeout (in minutes) before the connection will # be disconnect (defaults to 0 for no timeout) IdleTimeout=0 Interesting that defaults to 0... but in my computer bluetooth was disconnected after roughly 10 minutes. ...

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