Create a New Mimetype We have to teach the system about GuitarPro as something called a "mimetype". To do that, we need to create a mimetype package file that contains info about how to identify GuitarPro files. Create a new file called "guitarpro.xml" at "/usr/share/mime/packages" In this file we need to make some rules about how to match files to this ...


Using gtk-update-icon-cache --force /usr/share/icons/elementary fixed a similar issue for me. Make sure you use the --force option.


Compare the .desktop file of mtpaint with another .desktop file of an app that works and see what's missing or what's different. You might need to add %U at the line Exec, so you will have: Exec=mtpaint %U


I think you need to update the miminfo.cache using update-desktop-database command.

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