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When I add a .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications it appears but doesn't open from Applications menu

so @shrestha_aj has the answer: I just needed to remove the quotes from Exec and Path. Like this: [Desktop Entry] Name=Team Speak 3 Comment=TS Exec=/home/nicolas/Programs/TeamSpeak3-Client-...
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Need help to delete icons from Applications Menu

These are stored under ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs. Go and delete 'em.
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Firefox right button on selected text start Inspect Tool not right button menu

I confirm the same behaviour, but don't believe it to be a Linux issue, rather a Firefox issue/setting upstream. Solution: Open new tab in Firefox and type about:config in the address bar. Accept ...
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Menu in toolbar not appearing

It looks like you've installed some kind of third-party software in an attempt to emulate the "global menu" from Unity. I would recommend removing this as it appears to be buggy.
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Top menu bar like OS X or Ubuntu?

elementary OS does not support a global menu bar like Ubuntu or OS X. elementary apps do not use a menu bar, and apps that do use a menu bar display the bar in the window where the developers of the ...
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Super Key Menu Unhide

You can use Super + space to open and hide the menu too.
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How to get application menus in elementary OS?

Unfortunately this functionality is, I believe, deliberately left out of eOS. And your correct that almost all other Linux distributions do have it. Why I don't know? Why don't they inclue a minimize ...
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How to get application menus in elementary OS?

elementary apps don't have menu bars. In fact, most modern apps don't have menu bars. Chrome, GNOME, elementary, Metro apps on Windows 10, iOS and Android. Saving is done automatically, exiting is ...
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Add 'Share Dropbox link' to Files right click menu

If you install the dropbox plugin then you get a "Copy Dropbox link" option in the context menu when in your Dropbox folder. You will need to use the latest plugin package version - 0.1-0-26 in Loki. ...
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How can I get menus with icons in Loki?

Full explanation here. What concern us: setting this via org.gnome.desktop.interface does not work because menus-have-icons (and buttons-have-icons) is deprecated, but it's still possible to set this ...
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How to revert Super to Super + Space?

Probably you did use the command gXg pointed out. To revert changes, do: gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings panel-main-menu
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Battery Percentage (%) Indicator on menu bar does not show 100% when fully charged

This is a known bug. Currently mouse battery notifications are prioritized over the laptop battery in Freya. Yeah, its dumb. There was a work around involving editing the 95-upower-csr.rules file, ...
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web search (or search online) from application menu?

Elementary app launcher does not have such option.
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Can I hide some applications from menu, but leave it searchable?

You can achieve this by editing the corresponding *.desktop files, or the easiest way is to use an app called AppEditor, you can find it in appCenter. Just uncheck 'show in launcher' and save.
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Is there any way to organize or edit entries in the Applications menu?

Yes! There are multiple methods to do this. You could try the AppEditor application from the AppCenter, and this will allow you to edit local .desktop entries that show up in your menu. By hiding ...
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Icon remains after removal

By using AppEditor can you delete/modify/add entries of slingshot. Open the terminal and type; sudo apt install com.github.donadigo.appeditor com.github.donadigo.appeditor Or search the App Center ...
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Responsiveness delay in menu, most apps and right clicking

Solved it. Well, basically with some tough love. I purged a LOT (but not critical stuff) of my ~./config and ~./local directories and I also purged my ~./mozilla directory. My gut tells me the ...
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How to revert Super to Super + Space?

To open application search only by pressing Super(win) key: gsettings set org.gnome.mutter overlay-key "'Super_L'" gsettings set org.pantheon.desktop.gala.behavior overlay-action "'wingpanel --toggle-...
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What is Nepomuk Cleaner? And why does it keep recreating its .desktop file after I delete it?

If you want to uninstall it , open Software Center search for Nepomuk Cleaner and click remove. This is not included by default in elementary OS so it is safe to remove
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icon not displaying in menu bar

Open task manger immediately after you login to your computer and check which application is running and does not show its icon. For instance, Dropbox does that. To make sure which application ...
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How to get application menus in elementary OS?

I would like to refresh this topic. Do you know the way how to uninstall system pantheon top panel (this one on the top) and replace it with one another who supports global menus? I would not to ...
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How to remove notepad from Files/open-with context menu?

From the image you provide, it seems that the behavior you encounter is with text files (.txt). IF it is such, then you can modify the list of "Open With" applications in the context menu like so: ...
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Battery Indicator only show 70% during charging

This is a known bug, and is being tracked and worked on:
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