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I was fighting with this a lot of time and at the end I have failed... For some reason elementay OS do not allow using the Super key for this purpose and if you manage to achieve such a functionality it is like a hack and always has some downsides. For example I use the Super key now to show applications menu and works without any problems because there is ...


Go to System Settings > Keyboard > Layout and change "Switch Layout" to any other option besides Alt+Shift.


Thanks for being willing to try something new for and trying eOS! I do recommend you persevere with learning the new shortcuts where they differ from your old OS (although I understand that when you are using both OS's it may be a little confusing at first). They will quickly become second nature. If there is a function for which eOS does not currently ...


The 'philosophy' of keyboard shortcuts of the elementary OS is quite different than the other OS, including Mac OS and Windows. You can change safely some of them using System Settings app > Keyboars > Shortcuts, also you can do this by using dconf editor, but if you are not experienced as it looks using dconf can cause you much more troubles than any ...

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