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6 votes

Canadian English Keyboard Layout?

What version of elementary OS you are using? Please try selecting your Language to French(Canada) and then select layout English(Canada) from Layout setting under Keyboard.
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5 votes

Keyboard layout switch delay

I use this script now Works fine!
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5 votes

Canadian English Keyboard Layout?

Go to System Settings -> Keyboard $ io.elementary.switchboard keyboard Press the + (plus) button to add a new one Select French (Canada) Select English (Canada) variant Github I wrote a report ...
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2 votes

How can I remove the keyboard layout icon from the wingpanel?

You can remove the keyboard indicator via the command line sudo apt remove --purge wingpanel-indicator-keyboard Or via any package manager remove the wingpanel-indicator-keyboard package.
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2 votes

How to select US International as keyboard layout?

There is a submenu in the keyboard layout selection for English (US) which I missed. So the steps are as easy as: Go to System Settings > Keyboard Click + in the lower left corner Select English (...
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1 vote

Keyboard layout wingpanel icon is missing

Some guy on elementary subreddit helped me. There is a bug discussed on github: As suggested, I've changed org.gnome.desktop.input-...
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1 vote

No way to switch from RU language at enter screen

There are two ways you can change the language setting: change Keyboard Which you can change by Alt+Shift change input method Which you can change by Alt+Space(By default disabled) Option one is ...
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1 vote

US Int. keyboard layout Right Alt not working as compose key

I found the solution (I did the wrong combination before): sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration Choose Generic 105-key PC (intl.) Choose English (US) Choose English (US) - English (intl., ...
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1 vote

Elementary OS 5.0 Juno is not using ibus as input method

You can try the following: Open im-config through terminal sudo im-config click OK button to go next Click Yes to update system config. Select Ibus as input method for the system Click Ok and Ok ...
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1 vote

OS 0.4.1 - Brazilian Portuguese keyboard layout

Open Slingshot and search for "Keyboard", click on the highlighted result: Search for Portuguese (Brazil) and add it as a Layout. Now you can add accents!
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1 vote

Reconfigure keyboard permanently

After changing your keyboard settings, do in terminal: setxkbmap -query You should see the options you have chosen,e.g: setxkbmap -query rules: evdev model: pc105 layout: de ...
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1 vote

thinkpad keyboard layout not working

After many researches I found what was happening. The settings (from thinkpad + br) was being interfered by an additional options added by another model (korean). How I solved: First, checking the ...
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1 vote

Keyboard layout for single window

Unfortunately, this option doesn't work on Freya & Loki now. Follow the progress of fixes you can here, also you can post bounty for this bug.
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1 vote

How do i have Caps Lock switching keyboard layout and Shift+Caps Lock enabling Caps Lock?

I prefer to swap Ctrl and Caps Lock. Keyboard -> Options -> Ctrl key position: Swap Ctrl and Caps Lock. In order to use Ctrl + \ to switch between keyboard layouts — Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Universal ...
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1 vote

Cannot change keyboard layout with keyboard shortcut

It seems that the correct scheme where to find the switch-input key is: org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings I successfully changed the keyboard input keybinding with the following command: gsettings ...
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1 vote

Keyboard layout changes on alt tab

I was just looking at another answer ( ) to a related question (about why shift-alt-tab behaviour was strange), and I think it might explain your ...
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1 vote

How to add icon Keyboard layout to System Tray

Apparently it works if you set English(US) at first (I don't know why, but English Intl. didn't work for me) and then some other language, the icon magically appears. I had the same issue with EN/PT.
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