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create a custom .iso of loki

I had to install Loki multiple times, but I used the official iso file, and created a bash script, that set up my system for my needs. I suggest You do the same, just list everything You've done ...
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PGP Signatures of ISO Downloads?

elementary OS signs its distribution iso, cf. (for elementary OS 0.4 (loki) they used sha256sum) For older elementary versions you should ...
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How can we install Unetbootin on elementary 6.1?

Yes, it can. You will need to add a third-party repository first, though. Here's how you can do it: Open the terminal (if it's not already open) Add the gezakovacs repository: sudo add-apt-repository ...
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Is there a mirror site for elementary os?

There no verified mirrors for the ISO files, but you can download the image via the BitTorrent protocol using the Magnet link: Simply click on the ā€œUā€, and this will open the appropriate application, ...
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I have not verified my there anything I can do other than reinstall?

If your installation is working, then there is probably little point in verification. The point of verifying the file is usually to check the iso file hasn't been corrupted during download. Corrupted ...
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Create ISO from Elementary OS

This might not sound as a direct answer to how to create ISO, but still. As far as I understand, you need ISO to create a backup of your current system. If so, you could try making a more reliable ...
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Impossible to Download ISO - JUNO Beta

To download using the magnet link you need an app like qBitorrent. You can easily install it with sudo apt install qbitorrent. Regarding your other issue. It's probably related to your web browser. ...
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(solved) ISO Elementary Update (HWE Stacks, linux 4.8)

ok i managed to install the kernel 4.10 and nvidia 381. I turn off the dGPU with prime on the nVidia drivers, power consumption is low so ok however, I have issue with the restart or shutdown, the ...
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Custom elementary os iso for clients

EOS doesn't (as far as I'm aware) have an OEM install mode at this point, however there is work underway to support showing OEM info: There is work going on to support OEMs though: https://github....
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Hash SHA256 does not match

You need to try to re-download elementary OS image. I recommend using the magnet link for downloading via torrent client, this ensures that your install image will not corrupted. For downloading via ...
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