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How to fix elementaryOS touchpad problem

Thanks for providing the necessary information, after a lot of googling and reading bug reports, it seems the main solutions are as follows, I'll start with the easiest although I know you have ...
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How to use the compose key in Qt apps?

You have to install the package ibus-qt4.
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Adding Korean Input for Loki

In Loki, nimf is perfect for Korean Input Method. 1) $ sudo apt install nimf 2) $ im-config -n nimf 3) Log out & Log in Now, you need to go nimf-settings on the wingpanel or run this command in ...
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How do I type in Japanese in Elementary OS 6?

The best way to type in Japanese on Linux in my experience is to use the mozc input method. It's hidden a little bit in Elementary OS 6, but this is how you can get it working: Open "System ...
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Change keyboard layout button shortcuts

I found the workaround via a shell script. You need to save it as .sh file and execute it with custom keyboard shortcuts in settings set to ⌘+Space. Also be sure to disable all current bindings to ⌘+...
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How to install two keyboard layouts (Korean/English) and switch between them?

Shift+ Caps Lock shortcut does work well if you set it to switch your keyboard layouts, I checked on that. However, to be able to actually type with Korean characters instead of Latin ones, in ...
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Elementary OS 5.0 Juno is not using ibus as input method

You can try the following: Open im-config through terminal sudo im-config click OK button to go next Click Yes to update system config. Select Ibus as input method for the system Click Ok and Ok ...
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Key repeat does not work after last OS update

It seems to be caused by a bug in the kernel module peaq_wmi as unloading it fixes the issue. This bug was intruced by the 4.13 kernel update. More people have had it. More info here: Arch linux forum,...
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Evince slow start with "nimf" installed

It is a known bug with evince in Ubuntu with Debian. This is the report of nimf developer against evince in launchpad. I think evince team ...
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Loki 0.4.0 touchscreen support

Elementary OS DOES support touch. I have Dell XPS 15 with a touch screen and am running Loki without any special touch modifications. It all works as you would expect (including being annoying when ...
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Wiki post for Japanese and Chinese input

To quote from the Reddit post: The best working method is to use fcitx input method framework. The following description is suitable for many different languages, including chinese (pinyin, bopomofo ...
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Does elementary OS support tablet input (for writing)?

Nope, nothing like this is built into elementary OS or Ubuntu. If you'd like to request the feature more prominently, try filing a wishlist request in the bug tracker or creating a developer bounty. ...
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How can I enable Japanese input?

If you wish to use Japanese input follow the elementary subreddit here but with step (3) replaced with either sudo apt-get install fcitx fcitx-anthy im-config sudo apt-get install fcitx fcitx-mozc ...
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