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Can't control Firefox media through the sound indicator or keyboard shortcuts

Firefox doesn't seem to be a MPRIS "provider" Spec: Relevant Firefox bug: Seems people ...
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sound device is not shown after purging pulseaudio

I found the solution for it. First I removed any traces of pulseaudio and pulseaudio-equalizer by using the below command sudo apt purge pulseaudio pulseaudio-equalizer then removed following ...
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1 vote

Can´t access the default switchboard sound settings

This issue has since been fixed. It was due to the gnome-alsamixer being installed. Removing it simply fixed this issue/
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1 vote

Can´t access the default switchboard sound settings

Try downloading the switchboard sound application from github. Follow directions in readme file. All dependencies are required.
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How do I uninstall stock music indicator?

Turns out it's just a matter of choosing the right player in the settings app.
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AccountService.Sound bug?

There is a bug that was reported some time ago on Launchpad which mimics the issue being posed here. Here is the Bug Report. There seems to be what is a viable workaround for this issue in comment ...
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Change volume control increments/ticks?

I had a similar issue where increasing the volume on my USB headset by one step (tick) would drastically increase the volume. Even worse, lowering the volume below a certain threshold (roughly 20-25%) ...
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