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Is it possible to change the color of folders?

You can, but you need to use a different file viewer - Nautilus works great. sudo apt-get install nautilus sudo apt-get install folder-color You should be able to right click folders using Nautilus ...
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Is it possible to change the color of folders?

If you have elementary tweaks installed, it's pretty straightforward to swap out icon packs, but that's kind of a global change to all icons and I don't think this is quite what you're looking for. ...
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How to get user home folder in Vala?

Granite.Services.Paths is now deprecated and uses GLib.Environment.get_home_dir () internally anyway. If GLib.Environment.get_home_dir () is returning null, I believe there is probably something ...
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change default folder names to the new language

If at the time of creating folders with names in you native language the old ones weren't empty then you will end up with both of them. As far as I remember there is an info about it in dialog asking ...
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How to change password of /home folder encrypting?

Right. There is a bug (filed here) that changing your password while your encrypted home directory is mounted doesn't also change the encryption password of that encrypted directory. (It's possible ...
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