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Laptop + HDMI external monitor issue?

I just recreated the problem and was able to fix it by deleting the ~/.config/monitors.xml file. Note that by deleting this file all settings for displays will be lost. The file is in a hidden ...
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Laptop + HDMI external monitor issue?

Press CTRL+ALT+F1 to open a TTY virtual terminal.Then type your username and password and once you have logged in type rm ~/.config/monitors.xml and press ENTER to delete the file @joost said about. ...
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Issues with exernal monitor on elementary OS Juno

I'm facting similar issues on HP Spectre x360. Loki worked great, but Juno is terrible. In response to Unable to disable built-in monitor, I have found a way to turn it off: Find out the display ...
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HDMI completely broken in Loki?

I finally managed to fix this issue following steps given here Install Nvidia driver instead nouveau. The issue was that, although the nvidia drivers were correctly installed, the nouveau drivers ...
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No sound in TV over HDMI in Juno

We can use command pactl pactl - Control a running PulseAudio sound server on terminal first, list our available properties in our machine using this command: pactl list cards based on my ...
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No sound in TV over HDMI in Juno

This seems to be a limitation (bug?) of the current sound setting app. The current workaround is to install PulseAudio Volume Control from the AppCentre, and to select a HDMI configuration profile. ...
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Hera dual monitor HDMI

The Huawei MateBooks will sometimes not auto-extend a display. That said, you pay be able to trigger the function by pressing F8 (or Fn+F8) to trigger the BIOS toggle. Some models may also use Super+P....
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Several Vital functions not working after some setup changes

Update: I found a fix. Starting with the previous kernel version fixed the problem. Select Advanced Options for Elementary from the Grub Menu, and then an older Version. That fixed it for me. Kodos
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Laptop external monitor

The idea would be to tell lightdm to use the same settings that you use for the monitors. So, login into elementary with the external monitor connected, set up your displays the way you want in ...
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Laptop external monitor

Instead of closing the lid of the laptop you can use the cycle display modes shortcut Super+p. On both of the laptops I use there is such a function key also. If I do it like this after the resume of ...
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dp/hdmi not working

I see you are using the Intel Corporations display driver. Do you have a built in graphics chip from either Nvidia or Amd cause if you do you might want to install the latest drivers for ubuntu from ...
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I can't set the screen resolution which is through HDMI to 1920X1080 for my laptop

Seems to me that your xrandr --newmode syntax is incomplete (without the enclosing quotes). Also, you should check this answer to make sure you're following the steps correctly, and you're giving ...
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Second monitor doesn't connect

I don't know If you are still around. I never done this but I just gathered info I believe might help you First You need to install Nvidia drivers Install: $ sudo apt install software-properties-...
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Issues setting up external display

An eOS system update was just pushed and seems to have solved this issue. The monitor now displays with the proper resolution. Setting monitor positions and primary/secondary settings is still really ...
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Second HDMI Monitor Not Displaying

One more power cycle (full power off and power on) did it (kept HDMI cable plugged in throughout). It would be nice, however, to have a method that didn't rely on pure luck, as I power cycled several ...
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External HDMI display not detected after boot

I don't know why or when, but it sorted itself - probably one of the daily patches. Thanks, eOS team!
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MacBook Pro 2014 and Loki external monitor issues

I don't think this particular issue is hardware specific; I'd file an issue at
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Loki Laptop, no sound through Radeon HDMI

So for anyone else who may be experiencing this issue: The lack of HDMI audio is documented on Ubuntu's AMDGPU and AMDGPU-Pro wiki pages. As of Ubuntu 16.04, only the open source AMDGPU/amdgpu-Pro ...
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Why are on-wake sound issues solved by opening System Settings?

It seems this is a problem introduced by Pulseaudio 8. Pulseaudio 9 claims to fix the problem (See "Automatic routing improvements", Pulseaudio 9 Release notes). Upgrading to Pulseaudio 9 doesn't ...
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No video on Mac Mini over HDMI

So the thing that worked was simply unplugging the HDMI cable and plugging it back in, I have to do this after every reboot, it's a bit annoying but manageable.
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Any work-around for the performance regression related to external monitors/HDMI?

Check if this helps you. I know it's another distro, but their documentarion is awesome and can help you in many other situations.
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