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You must be having an nVidia graphics card. If so, open nVidia X Server Settings from the Applications menu, go to OpenGL Settings and uncheck "Enable Graphics API Visual Indicator".


What I reccomend you to do is to completely remove and reinstall the Nvidia drivers with the proprietary ones. You can do this into Recovery mode - on the Grub boot screen select Advanced options for elementary os, then the first kernel version ot top with [Recovery mode] into it. Once the menu loads select first to configure network and then drop into the ...


Whenever dealing with drivers, you first need to remember that elementary os 5.0 is based on Ubuntu 18.04. With this in mind, you might notice that the repository, described in your screenshot, does not contain anything usable above Ubuntu 17.10. You should also know that elementary OS 5.0 already includes the appropriate ...

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