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Install a Gnome Shell extension

This is likely due to the fact that elementary is running the Pantheon desktop not Gnome Shell. While Pantheon is built upon GTK3, it is not a Gnome Shell desktop. Therefore many things that work in ...
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Sync GNOME Calendar on elementary OS

The answer (thanks to Giovanni Caligaris on google+) is to install gnome-calendar, gnome-online-accounts and then use the command XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center To access the gnome ...
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3 votes

Elementary Gnome tweak not working

As Philip Scott (the tweaks dev) replies here, the issue is being taken care of. So I guess we'll have to wait a little until the update will be deployed in the PPA.
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Can I install another desktop environment in elementary OS?

It's probably possible to remove Pantheon/Granite and install GNOME on elementary OS, but it's also a bad idea. :) Installing GNOME would likely result in an unstable OS. In addition, apps that are ...
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How do I backup within elementary OS?

You can try Aptik Migration Utility. To install it: sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install aptik
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Use only Gnome on Elementary OS

why not use ubuntu gnome directly than elementary? The problem is that you can't use the latest version of gnome and keep pantheon and other elementary apps, this is because the gtk version used in ...
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Unable to start Pantheon

Check if you have broken soft links in /usr/bin: cd /usr/bin for x in * .[!.]* ..?*; do if [ -L "$x" ] && ! [ -e "$x" ]; then echo "$x"; fi; done This will list all broken soft links. If you ...
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How heavy is elementary over classic ubuntu?

"additional apps pre-installed" implies that original Ubuntu and Gnome apps are present. Except where no alternative is available, they are not. We don't ship with both the Unity and Pantheon desktop ...
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How to Remove Desktop Overlay in elementary OS Freya

To close that annoying desktop windows, type in terminal "nemo --quit" (without quotes) And then to make sure this does not happen again, type in terminal: "gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-...
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Theme unexpectedly changed to Gnome

Maybe the elementary-theme isn't deleted, but it just changed it somehow? Try opening terminal and execute: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme elementary This will set elementary ...
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Pantheon File Manager Fork?

Pantheon (Files) is (was) a fork of Marlin. However I think nowadays it is almost entirely rewritten
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How do I create webapps in elementaryOS?

It's no longer supported since Elementary switched from a system Epiphany to a flatpak version of Epiphany, which has never supported web apps. Sorry. There is good news: there is some work in ...
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Calculator keyboard shortcut

Go to Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Custom. Then add a new custom shortcut with command: flatpak run io.elementary.calculator Finally, set the key to launch it as any key combination you like.
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How to remove GNOME Build Tools?

If make uninstall does not work, your're probably out of luck. You can still search for the installed files in the jhbuild folder, and delete the from your filesystem manually. For future installs: ...
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Unable to start Pantheon

First get to a TTY terminal/command prompt with Ctrl+Alt+F1. (If it won't open, boot the computer into safe mode.) Then edit this file: gksudo gedit /usr/share/xsessions/pantheon.desktop and remove ...
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