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In the show notes of the first episode of simply elementary they covered the basic setup of a configuration file of touchegg. Their comments on the script are as follows: It’s a very basic configuration that allows you to switch between workspaces and view the multitasking view with three-finger swipes. It is very similar to the default Mac OS X gestures ...


Be aware that the input stack simply does not support multitouch trackpads right now. You can interpret or simulate gesture support using things like touchegg, but you won't be able to get 1:1 finger tracking or in-app gestures for things like pinch-to-zoom. This won't be possible until the move to Wayland and LibInput


You need to change the physical clicking from multitouch to hardware default and you will have right click with options inside mouse and touchpad options Stefan


Credits : Bulletmark and Neal Fennimore Follow Neil Fennomore's solution given on his page. However, installing libinput-gesture, install xdotools and wmctrl apt install xdotools wmctrl [Bulletmark's page] says : "The default gestures are in /etc/libinput-gestures.conf. If you want to create your own custom gestures then copy that file to ~/.config/...


Touchegg does not work in Loki. However, I also posted a question that was not voted on or answered.. One needs to use Libinput gestures.. you can follow the link below and if you do everything right you can get workspaces to work out of the box. anything else is my question.. how? Multi-Touch Gestures for eOS config file for Libinput OS


I use fusuma, which allows you to customize the hotkey that gets sent so you can control either applications or the DE.

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