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2 votes

Is elementary OS performance suitable for Games and Steam?

Because this is a subjective question I’m sure you will get different opinions here (especially as it is an elementary OS User forum). Firstly elementary is stable (I have similar specifications to ...
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2 votes

Games installed through GOG do not work, but Steam games do

This is a late answer, but I'll try to help in case you're still having this problem or if someone else stumbles upon this page. :) Note that this might not be a recommended or most optimal way of ...
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1 vote

How do I go about improving my game performance on eOS?

The Intel graphics card (integrated in your CPU) is most likely enabled by default instead of the nvidia card. Even after installing the appropriate nvidia drivers, you'll have to tell the OS to ...
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1 vote

How to remap Wii U Pro controller buttons?

It depends how the game uses the configurations: if the game uses SDL (FEZ, for example), you can try to modify the gamecontrollerdb.txt, or you can create an environment variable with a new mapping. ...
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1 vote

Native/universal app format or easier to install apps for elementary os, plus a few other quick questions

AppImages can run on elementary and other major distros today. Cody Garver from the elementary team sits on the Snap Format oversight board, although elementary hasn't committed to using Snaps in the ...
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1 vote

Is elementary OS performance suitable for Games and Steam?

I suggest reading these two articles since I can't be any better in stating my point of view. (I will put a extract of them for those who want to decide if the articles are worth reading): "A ...
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1 vote

Resolution problem after exiting from a game (Wine)

The easiest way to fix this is: ALT+F2 - switchboard Open "Displays". Set your normal screen resolution. I am not aware of any way to have this fix itself automatically.
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1 vote

Resolution problem after exiting from a game (Wine)

This is an issue with Wine. Because GTA SA uses some method to close itself which Wine is not familiar with, it exits unexpectedly. This makes Wine unable to reset the resolution back. The most easy ...
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