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I think it is due to the FAT32 max file size limitation. You can read more about file systems here: Transferring a 4GB or larger file to a USB flash drive or memory card In short, you most likely need to format your USB drive to a different file system. There are many ways to do that, but the most intuitive way to me is using the GNOME Disks application from ...


The problem of the 'unmet dependencies' on elementaryOS 6.0 appears to be solved when installing the elementaryOS 6.0 public beta from their April 30 build (I was still on an apt-updated install of the April 28 build before). So it appears that we can use the 6.0 public beta to work on elementaryOS apps at the moment.


did you install another File manager? (like Nautilus). If it is the case, the others "File" icons are the different file managers installed


Maybe Code is overriding Files' association to open folders (inode/directory)? Yes, that is the case. Both have an association with inode/directory in their .desktop file. Somehow Code's association gets priority (my guess is either it goes to the most recently updated application or the one with the name in the earliest alphanumerical order). This can be ...

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