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Elementary OS 7 - File Manager - wrong default application for PDF

When I download the files on my computer, I have a problem with files extensions. For example: its impossible to open PDF files with one-click - I have to click "Open with" and select ...
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How to skip an Elementary update? Conflicts with same name app

I installed the loki app which is the best minimalist viewer today (it can display gif/jpg and webm files, no other viewer can). [ if you want to ckeck it out] However now ...
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Select several items

Sorry maybe I am stupid but I don´t know how to select several files in File Manager or several mails in Pantheon Mail
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Breadcrumbs bar in file dialog not working

Some time ago a breadcrumbs path bar in all file dialogs in Pantheon (like “Open“ or “Save” dialog) stopped working. It displays a current folder right, but when I try to click on it to move, for ...
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How to run caja without terminal?

I installed caja because "Files" is not working so well and I might file a bug. But I also like its image reducer plugin. I installed it, but it does not show up in the app finder. I can launch it ...
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The File Browser dialog always opens last viewed folder, instead of contextually appropriate location

Normally saving new files goes into the contextually appropriate folder. For example, when I use Sublime Text, and I click on one of the folders in my project in the sidebar, choose New file, then ...
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Help needed - Browse music folders and show metadata of audio files

I have just installed Elementary on a laptop and I would love to play some music... I look for a way I can browse the existing folders where the music is saved and from there be able to see the ...
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What are the keyboard shortcuts in Photos?

What keyboard shortcuts are available for actions like zooming, tagging, next picture, etc.
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Copy and paste pictures doesn't work

I'm a new user to Elementary OS 0.4 Loki, before this I was using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I'm using a System 76 laptop with an Intel I5 processor and 16MB RAM. I installed Crossover Linux and installed MS ...
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How to make file executable from context menu?

I know this can be done under the file's Properties or with the command sudo chmod a+x. But how to add it to context menu?
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Sorting files in different maps (folders)

I'll been using Elementary on regular basis for a couple of years now and I really like it. But - when I open a map (folder) with Files the files are sorted fine - by maps and then filename, but ...
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Is syncing the photos library database between computers supported?

I have the ~/Photos folder synced between several computers using Syncthing. I would also like to sync the Photos (shotwell) application library database, so all of my work organizing and editing ...
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How do I scan for and remove duplicate files in Pictures and Music folders?

I am in the process of using Syncthing across my systems to sync and consolidating many, many files accumulated over the years in various versions of the stardard xdg-user-dirs (Documents, Downloads, ...
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file is corrupt [closed]

i have a laptop , and i have a eksternal hard disk , and my frien borrow my hardisk to backup something's file .. i dot now what him copied file .. After that, my delete files that have been her ...
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Working with photos in ElementaryOS

Elementary OS uses Photos to open pictures, but this has quite a couple of basic problems: Ctrl + S does not work for Viewer edits Sorting of images is inconsistent with order in Files Does not ...
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Archive manager not opening

I wanted to extract from .zip file, some files, and I pressed right click on file, as per usual, "Extract Here" and it doesn't do anything, I've tried again and again.. nothing. In terminal: file-...
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Freya - Switch File Manager to Luna's

I've used Luna for a couple of years, and I got used to Luna's File Manager. The way we search for a file is similar to nautilus. We type, the search bar is at the bottom, and the first occurence of ...
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How to copy old files in old partition to primary partition?

I recently switched from Windows 7 to elementary OS. I copied my important files from my Local Disk C to Local Disk D. I installed elementary OS in Local Disk C. After that I wanted to restore my ...
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Looking for a tag-based file manager

As most of users, I organize my files in folders using a standard file manager (Pantheon Files in elementary OS). However, I would like to also have another, quicker way to retrieve the files I need ...
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How can I keep my "Documents" directory on another disk partition?

I'm trying to point the path to my Home directory to a folder located on another hard drive which is a ntfs partition where all my Windows documents are. I think this is the path to 'Documents': /...
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How can I change the location of my Personal folders?

I want to change the path of the personal folders I see in my Home (Downloads, Music, Documents, etc) to locations on my Windows partition. I've tried editing the file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs with ...
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How can I start the default file manager from terminal?

I have X11 Forwarding on, and want to use a graphical interface to manage files. How can I start the default file manager over ssh?
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