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For your wifi card to work, you must check a case during the installation of Elementary OS (this is very often the case for many LINUX distribution) Before the installation in the window Update and other software you need check this option : Install third-party software for graphics Wi-Fi Hardware and additional media formats


The Intel graphics card (integrated in your CPU) is most likely enabled by default instead of the nvidia card. Even after installing the appropriate nvidia drivers, you'll have to tell the OS to switch to the more powerful card before using graphics intensive applications. So, after installing the nvidia driver (from the AppCenter or by using the sudo ...


Compiled from comments: The instructions on How to install Realtek rtl8812au WiFi Driver in Linux seem to work for this wifi device. The article refers to a GitHub repo containing a version of the rtl8812au linux driver, updated to compile against newer kernels. Since there is a huge list of USB WiFi adapters built using this chip, we can expect a flow of ...

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