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Looking at the specifications for your computer, I’m surprised the installer loads at all. Long story short, Elementary OS will not run on your netbook. Here is a comparison of your hardware against the recommended setup:   Recommended Your PC CPU: Recent Intel i3 or comparable dual-core 64-bit processor Intel Atom® Processor N570 RAM: 4 GB 2GB Storage: ...


I fixed this with the following system settings. "When lid is closed": "Lock". (Before, I had it set to "Suspend".)


Use Auto scale guest OS in Virtualbox. Problem solved


My monitors worked after I switched monitor 2 from a connection with a display port to an HDMI.


Me too, happened after a reset, i found by going to advanced options before booting elementary os, by choosing a different version, both displays work


If you hit Alt+F7 when you get to screens that you can't navigate, a hand will appear and you can move the panel around so that you can see the [Next] or [Continue] buttons and press them.

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