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problem solved I uninstall evrything and tried one more time - it helped


Many users have those. It's related to GNOME Mutter window manager and apparently not that easy to fix/patch. You can google more about it and/or find just a few issues here:


With the latest version of elementaryOS 6, this reappeared for me, and the solution above didn't work; what did work was the following one: Compress and Extract options missing from Files with latest update sudo apt install --reinstall org.gnome.fileroller


I really like Elementary OS, but I switched to Pop! OS recently due to easier Wayland support (for Waydroid...). The Elementary OS blog does mention that "future" versions will be use Wayland, so I will look into it again in the future. Also, instead of using Fractional Scaling, there is a perhaps better way, which is to change the virtual screen ...

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