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elementary OS application development databases?

Check out the developer section of elementary's website. They offer advice on many components you can use to build elementary-style applications. Specifically, they recommend GDA for managing ...
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Is it correct/acceptable to use 'eOS' as an acronym for elementary OS?

No , it is not There must be lots of E things like eRadio , eSoft , eFM , eSettings and eLaptop . elementary want to have the elementary brand and not the E brand (if they did want to they would call ...
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How do I make all window corners to be rounded?

In what looks like a forward-looking change according to issue #5 on the stylesheet's GitHub repo, apps have to request the rounded corners via a class in elementary's GTK+ stylesheet. See pull ...
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In which thing OS is developed/written?

The short version is this: elementary is based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian. Debian was one of the first Linux distros. Each distro takes the foundation laid by the previous one and uses it ...
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XMPP chat client that meets Human Interface Guidelines

A dedicated chat app was recently discussed as a prominent wishlist request, but there isn't any such app in full development beyond prototypes as of now. The chat project has an open bounty of $550 ...
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I want to help with UI/UX design?

If you want to help with Elementary OS in any way it is best to go to their GitHub page and look for open issues in their respective repositories. There might be something UI/UX related you can ...
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Why do some apps have no close button?

The issue was due to some settings that got messed up. I cleaned the ~/.config folder (after backing it up of course), and then rebooted. The problem went away. I am still not sure which exact setting ...
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GTK theme inspector for Desktop Enviroment elements

To debug the DE itself (I assume you want to debug a wingpanel widget), you need to somehow focus them. The easiest way I use is opening Slingshot (or any other wingpanel indicator), hovering your ...
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GTK theme inspector for Desktop Enviroment elements

You can use Gtk Inspector. To enable it open a terminal and execute : gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding true And now you can launch it with Ctrl + Shift + I. Source: ...
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Are we allowed to use the documentation stylesheets?

Legal Yes, you can re-use the styles found here. MIT grants you usage rights for pretty much everything. What you cannot do is use the "elementary" name or logomark in such a way as to suggest ...
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