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Revert to default color scheme in Pantheon-Terminal

You can reset terminal palette to default with dconf or via the command line: gsettings reset org.pantheon.terminal.settings palette To set background transparency you can change the background key ...
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(Solved) How to uninstall default apps in Hera?

Go to the Appcenter, open the Installed tab, and scroll down to the app you want to uninstall, click on it, then hit uninstall.
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Default source files needed

Default content in elementary OS 5.1 HERA /etc/apt/sources.list #deb cdrom:[elementary OS 5.0 _Juno_ - Stable amd64 (20181016)]/ bionic contrib main non-free # See
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Tasks app keeps starting on login

You can also check these two folders as they contain autostart items: ~/.config/autostart /etc/xdg/autostart If you find io.elementary.tasks.desktop file there either rename it or delete it.
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No way to switch from RU language at enter screen

There are two ways you can change the language setting: change Keyboard Which you can change by Alt+Shift change input method Which you can change by Alt+Space(By default disabled) Option one is ...
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Launch Adobe reader from Pantheon?

What it cames to my mind is to navigate with pantheon-files to a pdf file you want to open, right click on it, choose Open With and select Choose another application in the bottom of the list no ...
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How to reset to default the Photo editor that is pre-installed in elemtary os?

Right Click to a picture that you desire to associate, Open With. Then select "Other Application" (even if you see the default photo viewer there!). Now select "Photo Viewer" and check the "Set as ...
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How to make byte my default music player?

To appear in Music Player dropdown in 'Default Applications' list, your app's .desktop file (the one in /usr/share/applications) should contain Categories=Audio;Music;Player; line. If it doesn't ...
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Firefox Dev Edition as Default Browser

I found the same issue when setting Firefox Developer Edition as my default browser. Then when opening the default browser using a shortcut, it opens a separate dock icon. I looked in ~/.local/share/...
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Making torrential my default torrent client

if you save the torrent file on your pc, then by going to the downloads folder and right-clicking it you can choose which application to open it with. There you should also(however I don't remember ...
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Guest Session Default Settings

"Using a special user account for setting the guest preferences is the most convenient way to customize the guest session feature. Please follow these steps: Add a new user account with the username ...
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