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@Travis So the conclusion is "No luck either though.". Actually it's my first time when I had update elementary os trouble. I think that elementary os creators should read from time to time ;). Faltpak in their opinion is "the future for our AppCenter ecosystem".So I try to send them this link of troubles. Not so easy I'm ...


I have the same situation since yesterday morning. So far I haven't any solution but I found this: According to Hector R on this issue on GitLab Step1 flatpak install org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/19.08 Step2 flatpak uninstall --unused Step3 flatpak update NOTE: in the latest step maybe the system update some packages and ...


what I recommend you is to try to do this using command lines. Open your terminal application and execute flatpak update ! without sudo, otherwise you will receive an error message. Another option that works for me in a bit complicated situations is sudo flatpak repair.

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