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GTK theming in snap apps

Snaps don't always work with the system stylesheet. An easy alternative is to use Flatpak apps from Flathub when apps exist in both places, because Flatpak has a mechanism to work with the elementary ...
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Firefox snap instead of default deb or flatpak

I believe it has to do with Ubuntu's repo for Firefox forcing snap and not with ElementaryOS. Here's how to add a Firefox repo and install it using apt:
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Is possible to make Pantheon snap windows like Windows 10?

This functionality has been finally added with elementary OS 5.0 Juno.
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Does the snap package mean that we don't need to use super old softwares? Please do refer to this link to have a better idea. I believe it's the new way, similar to windows where one can easily install applications. ...
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GTK theming in snap apps

Snaps are what is called a "sandboxed" or "confined" package format. This means the amount of access that these apps have to your system is very limited. One of those limitations is that Snaps don't ...
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Does elementary OS support snap packages from AppCenter?

Snaps Snaps are not supported in the AppCenter but you can install Snaptastic. Snaptastic will manage Snaps, including updates, installation and removal. Snaptastic is found in the AppCenter. ...
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Wingpanel guest session disappears

I had the same issue. Apparmor is blocking the bind of a unix-socket at /tmp/ You can whitelist that by adding the following line to /etc/apparmor.d/lightdm-guest-session: unix (bind, listen) type=...
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How can I get Spotify to scale properly on HiDPI?

I've not used the Snap version of Spotify, but I just installed the Flatpak version from Flathub and it works with scaling out of the box. That should be much easier than trying to manually edit ...
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Snap applications start extremely slowly

I've heard of similar issues with Snap apps off and on. One easy alternative is to use Flatpak apps from Flathub when apps exist in both places. To install an app from Flathub: Visit the app's page ...
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Integrated webcam not working in Juno 5.0 on Dell XPS 9550

I have a dell e7250 and same issue with the stock camera app. Cheese worked fine. Should submit a bug to github
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Camera Application freezes on Juno but not Loki

This issue is a problem with the Juno OS, which requires a bug to be submitted for a fix. However, you should install a third-party webcam application to use the camera. One of the best third-party ...
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App installed as snap in right-click context menu

One solution is to create a desktop file and then save it in ~/.local/share/applications You can create a desktop file reading: [Desktop Entry] Name=polarr-snap Exec=/snap/bin/polarr %u Type-...
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Snaps on elementary

This is a bit embarrassing, sorry, but I've just reopened the app to take a screenshot and it seems the problem has gone away, everything looks okay now. Thanks for your time!
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GTK theming in snap apps

use flatpak and run the bellow command, it will allow flatpak apps to use your theme, no idea why canonical doesn't expose the theme and icon folders already, snaps are doa just because of the theming,...
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camera and cheese not working

Cheese and "camera" seems to work all of a sudden. I would suspect it was from a linux kernel update or Elementary that I think happened. If this happens to you, either run it as sudo or wait until ...
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How to uninstall the default Camera application - Freya

To uninstall the default camera application (snap) run the following in a terminal. sudo apt-get remove snap-photobooth Remember to mark as answer if it works
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How can I configure the camera app to disable mirroring?

Unfortunately, the Camera app is hardcoded to always flip video. It utilises GStreamer's videoflip filter with a hardcoded value for the flip method. If you must use the Camera app, you can disable ...
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