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The right answer depends on if you use 2-factor authentication (2FA) or not. With 2FA You have to create a per-app password in your Google account here. Afterwords you will be able to login using that single-use password with your account. Without 2FA In this case I think you have to tell Google to trust less-secure apps in your Google account settings (...


authorize less secure apps is not working for me. I am using minetime a couple of days and this app is working fine for me with all my external calendars


It is no working for me either. Also the webDAV API is not working for external calendars. I installed minetime which is fitting the design quite well and you have also some additional handy features.


There is an option into your google account to enable access for non secure apps, or something like that. Usually by default it is set to disable access and this is the reason the Calendar app cannot connect. You have to change it in order to get access

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