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Why in the World does Elementary OS make it impossible to access a USB hard drive?

I am having a similar issue and have found no answer yet. See my two questions; Permissions problem Disk utility I can't even seem to find a disk utility of any kind, can you suggest which one to use?...
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I hear a voice each time I am in application

Looks to me you have enabled the screen reader. To disable it, go to System Settings -> Universal Access -> Audio and turn it off by clicking the slider. Or use the keyboard shortcut Super + Alt ...
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Bug: Desktop Fails To Launch Sometimes After Login

When you will start Elementary OS, before you will login, I mean before you will type login / username and password, press combination of ctrl+alt+F1 to F6, usually I press F4. It will show you the ...
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slow resume and sometimes black screen after unlocking screen

I'm experiencing the same issue on my laptop. So far, I've found this link on the ubuntu forum (since elementary hera is based on Ubuntu 18.04):
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Double "Home" tab on terminal when i open it

This is a known bug with terminal ( there is a pull request that claims to fix this so hopefully if that gets merged the next update can correct the ...
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