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Making brightness work on Elementary OS Loki with fn key

I found this: answer and this worked for me from his answer: P.S: I have asus too, but I got X550JX model.
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Is brightness control supposed to work on desktop systems / external displays?

This is not specific to a elementary. External monitors configurations are managed by themselves. You can control your laptops brightness because the monitor is directly managed by your laptops ...
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Loki - MBPr 15 - Screen Brightness doesn't work

I found that after running setpci I needed to reload the apple_gmux module, so my /etc/rc.local looks like this: #!/bin/sh -e # # rc.local # # This script is executed at the end of each multiuser ...
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Plug/Unplug Brightness Option

this is what worked for me. Now, I can set the screen brightness with my function keys, or the gui, and when I plug in the AC adapter the brightness remains constant. The computer also starts up ...
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Brightness controls not working on Dell XPS 15 with Nvidia GPU

Actually it turns out to be an OLED issue with all Linux distros. Returning the laptop and purchasing one that doesn’t have an OLED display.
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Brightness controls not working on Dell XPS 15 with Nvidia GPU

Maybe this is a kernel compatibility problem, maybe because your laptop is very new the screen brightness module is not yet built in 5.4.0-80-generic, try installing a more recent kernel. If you'd ...
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Is brightness control supposed to work on desktop systems / external displays?

(Above answer is more helpful :D) It is quite common for attached external monitors to not have bound brightness controls in the same way laptops do. To adjust brightness of the external monitors I ...
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Add a brightness slider to the top bar? Using 5.1 Hera on a Surface Pro 2

I found the brightness slider under the Battery icon drop-down menu:
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How to auto adjust screen brightness?

You should check wether your current graphics card drivers are up-to-date. Moreover, disabling such drivers can help to see if the issue is fixed. If using the intel-based graphics card, you can use ...
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How to set shortcut for brightness

Use the instructions on this page, but instead go to Custom and select the + button to add a new keyboard shortcut. In the custom command, put xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown or xdotool key ...
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Brightness Controls not Working with NVIDIA Drivers

I can't change the display brightness via FN-Hotkey either. It work's on the energycontrol-settings. What's the downside of the nuveau-driver for laptops? I do have another problem, probably related ...
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Cannot change brightness with Nvidia drivers installed

I had the same issue. This is what I am doing as a workaround: sudo apt install xbacklight Once installed go to System Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Custom> and bind the follow commands to keys of ...
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How do I change my display brightness?

Use a bash script! My script based on kagronick's one is super easy to use, just set a number from 0 to 100: Usage: chmod +x light ./light 50 This sets brightness to 50% Find it here: https://github....
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Loki - MBPr 15 - Screen Brightness doesn't work

This code works for me, same might help you.. give a try! sudo apt install xbacklight then run xbacklight -set 15 15 is the percentage of backlight you gonna use. You can change any percentage ...
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Dim screen with battery indicator and mousewheel on elementary os

The power indicator (package wingpanel-indicator-power) in elementary OS is not the same as the battery indicator of Ubuntu. This functionality does not exist here, so you cannot "activate" it.
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Overheating Issue on MacbookAir 6,2

You should install TLP and Thermald Be careful, TLP is NOT compatible with acpid or Laptop_mode_tools. One more tweak: open a terminal and type gksu gedit /etc/default/grub then look for ...
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Adjust brightness on 2nd display?

Install Brightness Controller with the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/brightness-controller sudo apt update For Version 1 with up to 4 Monitor Support: sudo apt-get ...
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