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tray boot-repair-disk https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/ or super-grub-disk


Problem solved Steps: Remove refit(mac hd/efi) if it was installed. Install refind. Enter live usb with linux on it using refind bootloader, when grub appear press “e” and type “nomodeset” after “splash” then f10. Install linux alongside mac os, (or else using only “/“ and swap if you want) After installation refind will be replaced by grub2. In grub choose ...


I have a Matebook D too, and mine do the same beahaviors than you. I don't think it's important, as far as I remember it has always done that, and it never appears apart of the boot.


In addition to the three you listed a fourth part of the system also plays an important role. The BIOS. Each piece of software transitions a computer from power off to a functional system starting from the lowest level and progressing toward the software interface that you interact with. The order of execution is: BIOS (Basic Input Output System) - This ...


First I'll simplify your question Because Kernel and Bootloader are both parts of the Operating System. First, let's talk about Kernel: To understand work of kernel I'll assume you've basic knowledge about how computer works I mean How it processes 0 and 1. Because CPU of Computer only understands Binary 0 and 1. I'll assume you know the C language and you'...


Boot an Elementary OS Live USB stick, go into your hard disk drive's /boot/efi folder and rename the file grubx64.efi to mmx64.efi. Save. Restart the machine. Check will it boot. Other possible solutions are here: Can't install Ubuntu 18.10 on XPS 15 - EFI\BOOT\mmx64.efi not found

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