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Slow shutdown and cannot troubleshoot Basically this is a common bug that can be resolved by reducing the default timeout. Hint is that it is exactly 90 seconds.


I have installed Linux-generic-hwe-18.04, and now I can boot without any problem. It has been solved since kernel 4.19


Wait, you deleted both your Win/eOS partitions? If so, you shouldn't have anything to boot to.... Or do you have any other OS in another partition? If you still have anything in there, you should be able to run a shell from GRUB2 and list running the 'ls' command (shell> ls) and see what's still there. Then you should be able to edit on of your boot ...


When booting up your system (be sure to plug in your ISO USB before booting) you should see a BIOS screen indicating what keyboard button to press to get into the Boot Options, in my case it's F12. From there you should be able to choose to boot into the USB Drive to run from the ISO & give Ubuntu a try. You may have to run your system setup from the ...

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