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Black screen after update (Nvidia driver)

This is a regression in Ubuntu 20.04. Anybody who has nvidia-driver-470 and updates to kernel version 5.11.0-34-generic will experience black screen. A temporary walkaround is to log in to a TTY (Ctrl+...
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slow resume and sometimes black screen after unlocking screen

I'm experiencing the same issue on my laptop. So far, I've found this link on the ubuntu forum (since elementary hera is based on Ubuntu 18.04): https://askubuntu.com/questions/1038723/slow-recovering-...
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Чёрный экран при загрузке после обновления

после обновления на 5.3.0-45 всё заработало))))) ура!
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Black Screen with an underscore at the top left of screen

I get the same thing but mine had to do with adding a 5600 xt and the radeon drivers in 5.3 not working. Installing 5.4 fixed the issue. Too do this boot to 5.1 and install ukuu and use it too install ...
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