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How to uninstall the default Videos application - Freya

To uninstall the default videos application (audience) run the following in a terminal. sudo apt remove audience Remember to mark as answer if it works
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Is there a way to change aspect ratio when playing videos in Videos (Audience) player?

vlc allows you to cycle between different aspect ratios using the a key or the menu Video->Aspect Ratio mpv allows to cycle between different aspect ratios with a key set in ~/.mpv/input.conf. To ...
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How to play a DVD on Loki?

Since Ubuntu 15.10, libdvdcss (the package required for CSS decryption) is installed as part of the libdvd-pkg package, with no additional steps required. sudo apt install libdvd-pkg The default ...
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Is there a button in Audience (Videos Application) to switch to full screen?

Just double click inside the video frame.
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Is there a way to increase Videos (Audience) sound volume more than 100%?

It's not possible to do it. Anyway, when you set your VLC volume over 100% that will also create distortion, so you will get the same effect if you set the general volume a little over 100%.
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Audience video player last played video

Actually this is a feature, not a bug. However if you do not need it, you might want to implement some sort of solution to reset it. Some alternatives depending on your exact needs follow. You might ...
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Is there a way to change aspect ratio when playing videos in Videos (Audience) player?

Okay, at the risk of being considered rude, I need to ask why coderMess decided to not answer the user's question, but instead offer up advice on using another piece of software. Sure, you can use ...
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