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Cannot Shutdown or Reboot elementary OS

Finally the best way to solve this problem is installing Nvidia Graphics driver and choose Intel Graphics device in Nvidia X Server Panel. After reboot, now I can shutdown and reboot my laptop ...
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Too long to power up

This is a bug with DBus - see the answer I posted here. Essentially DBus is preventing everything from starting up, so until that's fixed you need to rename the file causing issues: sudo mv /etc/...
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Asus X555UB , Realtek ALC256 no sound

I have found solution by myself. in case of someone has the same problem - windows dualboot uses a fastboot, so after boot into windows do not restart your computer , just shutdown it. after a boot ...
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Compatibility chart

There is an Ubuntu hardware compatibility list ( though no Asus machines are in the list. That doesn't mean they aren't compatible by any means. It just means ...
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Backward Rotation Settings for Tablet Mode of Asus TP200S

Solution This was an issue with iio-sensor-proxy. Running "monitor-sensor" in terminal showed an incorrect orientation, so I knew the problem was with iio-sensor-proxy and not with Elementary OS. ...
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ASUS VivoBook W202na : Will it run

I just got a similar model, the Vivobook E203MA. I'm running Elementary OS on that and loving it. It runs so much better than Windows did in the little time I used it.
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Compatibility chart

I did some digging for you, and couldn't find anything in the official Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility list. However, I own an Asus E403S which works fine with elementary OS - I know it's older than the ...
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When I install ubuntu or elementary OS, my laptop (Asus E200HA) keyboard does not work. But it works perfectly fine when I install Lubuntu

I had the issue when I installed Loki 0.4.1. (I was eagerly hoping for the SD card to be fixed) but I faced the same issue on my Asus E200HA So reverted back to 0.4.0. this release doesn't have this ...
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Attempting to install Realtek Card Reader Drivers

I'm also facing a similar problem, and after many searches, I found these links: and This driver ...
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Bluetooth mouse not working even is connected, paired, trusted

Update: Solved after update to new kernel 4.8 {linux-generic-hwe-16.04}
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How to optimize internet speed?

RESET THE MODEM & ROUTER (it worked) If that didn't work for you Go to System Settings > Network > Options > IPv6 Settings > Method > Change from Automatic to ignore > Save
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How to install elementary in a UEFI ASUS system?

You can create UEFI bootable USB drive (I'm use rufus) with elementary OS and boot from it. When you boot from USB with elementary you can install OS as usual and after it you will have two boot ...
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