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I solved this -for Ardour files in my case- adding a %U to the Exec element in ~/.local/share/applications/ardour.desktop. As soon as I added the option to the command the application showed up in the Pantheon Files applications list. I don't know if this file is here because I installed Ardour from source or if this is where the shortcut is placed, but I'm ...


As far as I know, if your app isn't shown in one of these drop-downs, it means that the app hasn't been properly registered in your system. You have to register your app in the system and create a [your-app-name].desktop file (those usually reside in /usr/share/applications or /local/share/applications directories). A .desktop file is actually a text file, ...


If your snapd version is older than 2.36.2, it might be a font-caching issue, as written here.

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