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Size of Controls

One other option would be to tell elementary to render everything at 2x, then scale your resolution down to 1.5x, as described here. This isn't an ideal solution - you'll still get some blurriness, ...
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Custom keyboard shortcut now activating after second press

I answered this immediately after posting this and in so doing found a potential bug. I went to delete the shortcut and reestablish it from scratch. When I went to copy the path to the script I ...
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1 vote

Increase vertical mouse scroll wheel lines?

Hey there I wondered the same thing! and I hope that this starts to be something that makes it into the system settings some day. The reason being: that once you have set it up, it is out of the way ...
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Large font in Pantheon greeter

edit /etc/lightdm/pantheon-greeter.conf for example, I'm using Roboto font for the login screen [greeter] #activate-numlock=true #default-wallpaper=/usr/share/backgrounds/elementaryos-...
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