In order to turn off transparency, open a terminal session and run the following commands, depending on your version of elementary OS: 0.4 Loki Turn off transparency in WingPanel gsettings set org.pantheon.desktop.wingpanel use-transparency false Turn off transparency in Terminal gsettings set org.pantheon.terminal.settings background "rgba(37, 46, 50, ...


By default, elementary OS has a magnifier that can be used by pressing ⌘++ to zoom in and ⌘+- to zoom out. Note that ⌘ refers to the "Super" key, which on your hardware might have a Windows logo, an Ubuntu logo, or the word "Command".


Go to Settings - Keyboard - Layout (3rd tab). Add a new language by clicking the plus sign (+) at the bottom left and selecting it from a list. -Tip: You can quickly change between distributions by pressing Alt+Spacebar. The shortkey can be edited under Settings - Keyboard - Shortcuts - Universal Access - Next Keyboard Layout Also, after adding multiple ...


Explanation xkbset can be used to set various options available in the XKB extensions. This includes such things as mousekeys where one can use the numeric pad keys to move the mouse; Execution Open Terminal install xkbset with: sudo apt-get install xkbset after successfull installation type: xkbset ma 60 10 10 5 2 or try ...


There is no easy or quick solution to set the audio output to mono. But you could try the link below. It is from the ubuntu forum because elementary freya is based on ubuntu 14.04 Mix stereo to mono (Ask Ubuntu) The first answer sounds promising. Please give us a feedback if this solution works. Thanks


One other option would be to tell elementary to render everything at 2x, then scale your resolution down to 1.5x, as described here. This isn't an ideal solution - you'll still get some blurriness, and graphics performance may be a little slower - but it would solve the problem, and it would look better than just reducing the resolution. There isn't an easy ...


I answered this immediately after posting this and in so doing found a potential bug. I went to delete the shortcut and reestablish it from scratch. When I went to copy the path to the script I noticed that when I pressed ctrl for the copy shortcut (ctrl + c), the selected text was being deselected. I realized that the problem was with the ctrl key-press ...


edit /etc/lightdm/pantheon-greeter.conf for example, I'm using Roboto font for the login screen [greeter] #activate-numlock=true #default-wallpaper=/usr/share/backgrounds/elementaryos-default #high-contrast=false #onscreen-keyboard=false #screensaver-timeout=60 font-name=Roboto 11

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