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Unfortunately elementary OS 0.4 Loki requires a 64-bit CPU, however the Atom N270 is 32-bit. All of the Loki packages are only bit for 64-bit, so installing Ubuntu and then adding the elementary repos is not a viable solution. elementary OS 0.3 Freya, the previous elementary release, was the last to feature a 32-bit installer. You can download it by pasting ...


This is a late answer, but I'll try to help in case you're still having this problem or if someone else stumbles upon this page. :) Note that this might not be a recommended or most optimal way of solving these kinds of issues, but it's how I do it. My assumption is that it has to do with Elementary being 64-bit This can indeed be the case. You can ...


Elementary is 64 bit only and has been for a while. However, you can check your CPU's abilities with: sudo lshw -class processor That will give you a bunch of information about your CPU. You can look specifically for: width: 64 bits


I got it to boot with this guide Try to look up the file on google - ISO-2-USB EFI-Booter for Mac 0.01 beta - Ubuntu 10.10 Live Use the 32bit file


Try just sudo apt install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 Has worked flawlessly on many installs. Below is my full AS installation script if you needed more configuration, particularly KVM for hardware acceleration. The source is from my complete setup script on GitHub Gist #!/bin/bash cd ~ sudo apt update -qq sudo apt upgrade #enable ppa ...

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