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VSCode Integrated Terminal does not work in elementary OS Juno

I can't use vscode intergrated terminal in my elementary OS. I use zsh shell with powerlevel10k theme.
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How to Share the environment Paths between Bash, fish and zsh shells

fish Shell doesn't recognize the node command as well as zsh too. But the bash does, So How Can I Share Environment Path between all of the Shells
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3 answers

How can I shorten my command line (bash/oh-my-zsh) prompt?

I have installed oh-my-zsh this morning and now command line is too long, it looks something like this: my-username@my-pc-name ~/Desktop/ I would like to change "my-username@my-pcname ~" part just ...
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How to switch to zsh?

I have liked the bash shell that ships default with elementary OS very much. But I would like to change to zsh that is a superset of bash. But I have not found a great guide to switch to zsh or how to ...
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