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4 votes
2 answers

How to disable the empty workspace that appears when switching between them?

The only thing that's preventing me from using other workspaces (besides the main one) is that I can't switch between them properly. ALT+TAB will only switch between apps in the current workspace. ...
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1 answer

Can I make an application to start in another workspace automatically?

When I start an application, I want to move it automatically into another workspace. For example, when I type 'virtualbox' on terminal or on synapse-indicator, I want virtualbox to open in another ...
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16 votes
4 answers

Workspaces seem to only apply to the primary display. Is this a feature or a bug?

I apologize for the wider screenshots than normal, but since this is a dual monitor question/problem, it's necessary... Recently my computer has decided that when I switch workspaces, anything on my ...
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2 answers

Using Multi Touch Gestures for Desktop Shifting

followed posts from Bulletmark and Neal Fennimore I can't get multi touch gestures working for desktop shifting. My process git clone cd libinput-...
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1 answer

Can I configure an app to be always visible across all workspaces?

This appears to happen with a lot of other apps like MonoDevelop, WebStorm, etc. The right click title bar "Always on visible workspace" is not available on any browser other than the default ...
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1 answer

Make pantheon terminal window appear on all workspaces

Somehow, I accidentally made one of my pantheon terminal sessions appear on every virtual workspace, and wanted to repeat this with another window - how do I do this? Right clicking the title bar of ...
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2 answers

How to remove second workspace? [duplicate]

Whenever I launch a Steam game, accidentally press the Windows button and the right arrow key, or something else, it takes me to the second workspace, which comes default with elementary. I want to ...
3 votes
1 answer

Cycle through all applications, across workspaces

I am running Loki with 2 monitors. I have workspaces only on my primary monitor. Also cycling through opened applications with Alt+Tab, I can only cycle through application on that workspace: Is ...