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Questions tagged [window-management]

Questions related to using/manipulating windows.

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25 votes
5 answers

Can I swap the close buttons from the left to the right?

In elementary OS, as with Ubuntu and Mac OS X, the close button is on the left. Can I change this to have the close button on the right?
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18 votes
5 answers

What are the different methods to switch between windows and workspaces?

What are the different possibilities (both keyboard and mouse) to switch: between windows of the same application on the same workspace, between windows of all applications on the same workspace, ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How does one cycle through windows of the same application? [duplicate]

I have two questions. What is the default keystroke for cycling through windows in an application, e.g., evince? How can I change this default? Currently, Alt-tab cycles through all windows, but I ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Is there a hotkey to switch through the windows of the current application? (as Alt + ` in Ubuntu) [duplicate]

Is there any way I can replicate the Alt + ` functionality from Ubuntu? It's like Alt + Tab only it just switches through the windows of the current application. For instance, if I have 3 file ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can I force full screen mode for any application?

Is it possible to force fullscreen in any application in elementary OS? I use Vim in my everyday work, but I would like to use gVim, but I don't see a way to make gVim fullscreen.
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5 votes
6 answers

How to minimize a window?

I'm new with elementary, and actually I don't find the way to minimize a windows, I only see a button to close a window and one to change the size. How can I minimize a window?
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5 votes
1 answer

Switch only between windows of the same application (not tabs)? [duplicate]

I would like to be able to switch between the open windows of one application by using (or assigning first) a shortcut (like I do in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and MacOS). I have often more than one window ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Can I switch between windows of the same app using plank?

I have to work on multiple code branches that requires me to launch multiple instances of IntelliJ IDE. But when navigating between these instances I find it very difficult to switch to specific ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How to set the terminal to "always on top" in elementary OS?

I am trying to keep pantheon-terminal always on top. I installed gnome terminal also but I cant find any option to keep always on top.
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6 votes
1 answer

How to disable desktop switch on fullscreen

I'm on Loki and every time I turn on fullscreen mode for one of my applications like Chrome or atom, the fullscreen window moves to a new desktop. Is there any way to stop this and just stay on the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Split application windows to fit the screen

I just want to split apps to divide the screen in two or three like the image below
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5 votes
1 answer

Can I configure an app to be always visible across all workspaces?

This appears to happen with a lot of other apps like MonoDevelop, WebStorm, etc. The right click title bar "Always on visible workspace" is not available on any browser other than the default ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How do I move / reach a window that I "left" on a second screen?

I once tested dual-monitor-support for Elementary and had Chrome maximized on the second screen. Everything worked out alright. I unplugged the second screen, Chrome was already closed - but when I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I completely unbind the default "switch windows" keyboard shortcuts? [closed]

I like to use Alt+Tab (the default shortcut for "Switch Windows") inside a particular program¹. As a result, I would like to use Win+Tab and Shift+Win+Tab to switch windows instead. I've already ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Application Windows are flickering when moving , closing and opening

When moving , closing and opening a window it flickers with black lines.The computer is a SONY VAIO VGN-NR120E and has no problems in Windows 10 and has been like this from day one though it does not ...
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