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Questions tagged [videos]

Questions about the videos application on elementary OS

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Video keeps playing in the background after closing it

After i close a video the sound keeps playing in the background. If i play 2, 3 or more videos and then close them they all stack up in the background.
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Videos has no picture, but VLC works

Videos app has sound but no picture. VLC however works on the same file just fine. I have already done: sudo apt install -y ubuntu-restricted-extras libavcodec-extra libdvd-pkg Yes, I know, the ...
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2 answers

Headset microphone and laptop inbuilt microphone input is not recognized and wierd noise with video recording in native camera app

1 am using Acer Swift 3 - SF314-55G. It has Intel i5 8th Gen 2GB of NVIDIA Geforce MX250 dedicated graphics. 8 Gb RAM 512 GB SSD These are the problems I am facing with the fresh installation. ...
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Divide a video output

I will soon be in charge of multiple screens for scene at a concert. Those screens are centralised and a video output will be give to me. I'am looking for a way to divide this video output into two ...
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Is there a way to import/choose an external audio track to play over a movie in Audience/Videos?

I have a video file that by default uses an audio track which is not in my preferred language. I also have an audio file that is intended to go with the video file, and this audio file is in my ...
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No sound playback in Videos (elementary OS Freya 0.3.2)

After some time off from elementary OS, I went back in, logged and now I'm not getting any audio playback from the Videos ( app. I have sound in my browser, Music (0.3.1) app, and general ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Netflix videos run very hot

I have a ASUS ux305f. I downloaded the Netflix app from Ubuntu. It works fine except that my laptop gets very hot. Netflix using Windows 10 runs cool. Are there adjustments I can make to Linux to ...
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3 answers

My video app dont run in Elementary OS - Odyn

When I try to open a video in the native app I doesn't work all I see is a black screen, when I open the video using VLC it runs Ok. What can I do?
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1 answer

Videos Stopped Playing Audio From Movie Files

I have no idea what changed to cause this, but just the day Videos started playing any file I gave it on mute. Other apps are totally unaffected (e.g. Epiphany works as an ugly work around, I can ...
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1 answer

Audio and Video lags on Elementary OS (Music App, YouTube etc.)

i have a audio problem on elementary os. when im listening music (music app, youtube etc.) it "lags" everytime in random situations for a half second. maybe every 2 minutes. Itś a fresh ...
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2 answers

video won't play in correct colours

im not sure how to get logs or code and stuff as im new to linux but i really need help. this isn't the file because i have tried it will multiple files and i've tried those files on other devices. ...
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Is there a way to set the default contrast settings in Aduience?

See below same video comparing image, how to fix Adiuence? Elementry video player VLC video player
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0 answers

Native Video app does not play mpg files from a VCD

I have a VCD with mpg files that the native Videos app does not play the video, it just shows blank screen, and no audio either. VLC player plays the same files successfully. I do see gstreamer1.0-...
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2 answers

YouTube Video Playback Issues requesting for restart but still not working in Elementary OS

Please help me on last question and this issue also, when i am playing video on youtube so getting below message on video and and its getting stuck on same point If playback doesn't begin shortly, try ...
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