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Questions about the videos application on elementary OS

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Unable to fullscreen video on second monitor

I can't run any fullscreen video on my second monitor. I tried with youtube on google chrome, netflix on firefox and vlc. Any ideas on why?
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How to find out what codec is used in a video

How to find what codec was used in a video (Audio/Video) and extra information like in nautilus. The below screenshot is from nautilus. Is there any GUI way to find codec information, without ...
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How to play a DVD on Loki?

Existing guides specify to install the libdvdread4 package and then run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/ to install DVD decryption support. However on Loki, this results in sudo: command ...
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Video on Chrome freezing

I'm using Chrome browser. During video play eg. Youtube, picture is freezing but sound still goes on until I move mouse. After this it's ok for few seconds then again video is freezing. I have Intel ...
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eOS Loki - Video Tearing with Intel Graphic Card

I am a happy loki user but the screen tearing in videos is horrible. It doesn't matter if it is a video played in VLC or a YouTube or Netflix video in firefox. I always experience the tearing so it ...
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Only mpv player plays video

Default elementary video player (as well as for example Cinema Player) stopped playing videos. Ths sound works, but there is no video (its black). Doesn't matter which type of video I play. Only mpv ...
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Video tearing and stutter - Help with drivers?

So I installed Elementary and updated everything. My problem is videos on YouTube have tearing and also videos at 60fps are not fluid all the time, they would have kind of "mini-stutters" quite often. ...
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