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Applications that play videos on elementary OS. The OS's default video player is "Audience"—use that tag for questions specific to that application.

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Video app is not working on 6.1

After doing clean install Eos 6.1 to two laptops I saw that the video app is not opening. Even if I click the icon nothing is happening. I checked to run this from terminal and I got the below error ...
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My video app dont run in Elementary OS - Odyn

When I try to open a video in the native app I doesn't work all I see is a black screen, when I open the video using VLC it runs Ok. What can I do?
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Video keeps playing in the background after closing it

After i close a video the sound keeps playing in the background. If i play 2, 3 or more videos and then close them they all stack up in the background.
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Is there a way to set the default contrast settings in Aduience?

See below same video comparing image, how to fix Adiuence? Elementry video player VLC video player
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Flash doesnt work, even in Google Chrome - SOLVED

I use elementary OS 5.0 Juno with 5.2.16-050216-generic kernel but Flash Player doesn't work on all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Chromium). I did all of the following: sudo apt install ...
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Problem with playing screen record videos in a new installation of eOS 5.0

Recently I have been doing several tests with different packages on Elementary 5 to find the set that best meets my work needs. A few days ago, I recorded some videos using the Screen Recorder tool (...
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Subtitles in Video Player

Subtitles still don't appear to work in the video player, I have read the other two questions on this site, but neither have a fix. I am using an external srt subtitle file that works on windows ...
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Closes Files after selecting multiple videos

I have a problem with" Files "- I select 3 or more video files with the mouse, then RMB for any of the files, then select" open in Video "in the menu , then" Files " is closed. Okay! Who can help. I ...
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Video execution lag

When using io.elementary.videos, cinema (from the store), or totem (from gnome) (gui)applications, after a while, the video stops while the audio continue his execution. I used .mp4 and .mkv videos ...
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2 answers

Error on resize or move focus on video play back - no picture sound continues

On the epiphany browser when i watch a video on youtube it start playing OK. If I then resize, or move mouse focus off the player or try to use the mouse to re-wind the stream to replay the last bit ...
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Only mpv player plays video

Default elementary video player (as well as for example Cinema Player) stopped playing videos. Ths sound works, but there is no video (its black). Doesn't matter which type of video I play. Only mpv ...
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mplayer: error while loading shared libraries

I'm getting the following error: mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Most likely it happened after manually ...
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2 answers

How to install Flash player on Opera?

I can't watch any videos on or facebook, I tried to install flash player like in opera's tutorial but i don't have a folder called plugins in opera's main folder. I installed it from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to play a DVD on Loki?

Existing guides specify to install the libdvdread4 package and then run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/ to install DVD decryption support. However on Loki, this results in sudo: command ...
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Is there a button in Audience (Videos Application) to switch to full screen?

When I click the maximize button in the top right corner in Audience (the Videos Application) the header as well as the line with date and time and the indicators are still there. This seems kind of ...
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Screen distortion

I have installed Loki. Everything was fine with setup and desktop bue when I tried to open Music app this appened To be honest this is not new. I experienced this in Freya but can't remember what I ...
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3 answers

Screen tearing and graphical glitches in Loki

I installed elementary OS Loki last night, and I have noticed that when I login the screen will do some weird glitch and then go to desktop. This also happens sometimes when I switch workplaces. My ...
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Midori crashes when trying to play YouTube in fullscreen

On a fresh install of elementary OS Freya 0.3.2, Midori crashes repeatedly, when I am trying to play a full screen YouTube video. It works fine in the normal mode. Also, I installed the codecs that it ...
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Any idea how to change encoding for subtitles? [closed]

thanks for great OS system! Any idea how to change encoding of subtitles in default video app?
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5 answers

What are the video players available for elementary OS?

What are the video players available for elementary OS and how to install them? I would like to know installation from the Software center and using terminal command: 1.SMplayer here 2.VLC here 3....
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Why HEVC format requires Dual-Core CPU?

I have an Intel Core i3 CPU m 380 @253GHz, and I had tried to play a HEVC file in VLC; it played but not smoothly(RAM is 4GB). However, I have another laptop of with Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T4500 @2....
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How to play H.265/HEVC videos?

I cannot play H.265/HEVC videos. While trying to play video I get an error "Audience needs video/x-unknown decoder to play this file". Here's a screenshot of an error. If I click on install video ...
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