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Questions tagged [vala]

Questions related to the Vala programming language.

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How to store data from a ListModel?

Is there some sort of standard or commonly-used way to store data in elementary apps? I currently have a bunch of GObjects contained in a ListModel and would like to persist that to the disk and ...
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Buttons' Look in a Gtk.MessageDialog

Elementary's human interface guidelines specify how dialogs should look: In Valadoc, there is a minimal example on how Gtk.MessageDialog is to be used: Gtk.MessageDialog msg = new Gtk.MessageDialog (...
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Can I use Pantheon-Files FileChooserDialog module from custom FileChooserDialog Object?

I want to use the new Pantheon-Files FileChooserDialog module, but it doesn't seem to work when creating my own widget based on Gtk.FileChooserDialog (like seen below). Is there anyway for me to be ...
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Can't run the gtk-hello app from the elementary OS developer tutorial

After successfully compiling the gtk-hello.vala file from the official elementary OS tutorial, I tried to run the gtk-hello file from terminal with the command ./gtk-hello However it never runs ...
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How do I set up a Vala project with multiple namespaces in Meson?

I realize this is a bit beyond the scope of elementary OS, per se, but all y'all seem to be the main users of Vala, and I'm not sure where else to ask this. I am working on a project with a large ...
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How to gain access to the serialized contents of a Gtk.TextBuffer including all Gtk.TextTags?

If this isn't the appropriate forum for this question, I apologize. Please remove it if that's the case. I know that Elementary OS developers use Vala for their development and I'm unaware of a more ...
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Unable to move Hdy.ApplicationWindow by dragging Hdy.HeaderBar in Vala

Trying to use libhandy and Hdy.ApplicationWindow instead of Gtk.ApplicationWindow in my vala based application made for elementary OS. My Problem While using Hdy.ApplicationWindow and Hdy.HeaderBar ...
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error: The type name `var' could not be found

I'm trying to build a fresh clone of Granite's master branch, on elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera, but I'm getting these errors: ../lib/Widgets/SwitchModelButton.vala:65.9-65.19: error: The type name `var' ...
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write an IDE for vala

I wnated to know Why elementary os does not have a decent IDE for vala language? vala is their programming language but unfortunately there is not a good IDE for it I think they should have a IDE for ...
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Can I upload an app which is not built using vala?

Is it necessary for a developer to upload an app written in vala only? Can't it be something c++ or python to be uploaded on Elementary's app store? I really want to contribute for them but don't want ...
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Missing title in GTK+ 3 Dialog

I'm writing a vala GTK+ application and want to add a modal dialog like this: var dialog = new Gtk.Dialog.with_buttons (_("My title"), this, Gtk.DialogFlags.MODAL | Gtk.DialogFlags....
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Gnome Boxes won't create a VM

Running from the GUI I get "Box setup failed" -pretty sparse there Gnome team!! (I know this is the elementary forum, but just saying...) Running from Terminal, I get: (gnome-boxes:31127): Boxes-...
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Selecting text on WebKit2

What method is available to select text on webkit2gtk. I could not find anything on the API for Vala webkit2: The requirement is to get the ...
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