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For questions related to users, user accounts, user permissions or guest accounts.

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Moving user to new computer?

My old computer (also elementary OS Hera) was shared by my wife who has a guest user. I have purchased a new computer (also Hera installed) and would like to know how may I transfer the files/settings ...
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How to enable manual login?

I would like to login as root, but I cannot find a way to enable manual login on Elementary OS.
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Need to fix user accounts

After creating a non-admin user, I could no longer change admin user's password. Had to login to non-admin user's account and change admin from there, after entering admin password. Definite bug. ...
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How to remove the password request from the key deposit

I would like to not have to type the password every time I start google chrome in the system. Thanks in advance
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Is it possible to hide user list from the power button in top right corner?

is it possible to hide user list from the power button in top right corner? There are many users in the system and the menu stretches all over the screen.
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Unable to add "." to username

In Ubuntu/Debian based distributions it has always been possible to allow the use of "." in usernames by modifying the NAME_REGEX field in /etc/adduser.conf. The value that I have always ...
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can't login in graphical environment

I did a fresh new installation of Elementary OS Odin, so I created an account for me (administrator) an another for my daughter (default). I logged many times in my account and also in my daughter's ...
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Unable to log in via GUI if you change GID and UID

I have created an additional user via the GUI and subsequently changed their GUI and UID so they match other servers I have on the network (and I can use shared filesystems properly). Once I do that ...
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How do I choose a photo for my user account in Hera?

I'm trying to change my profile photo in Hera, but I don't see my own account under "User Account Settings": How can I get my account to show and thus change my personal details?
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how to create separate dconf keys for desktop background for Elementary and Ubuntu?

I installed Elementary OS 5.1 (Hera) to share my existing /home partition originally created in Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. I'm super pleased to be able to work out of the same home directory and discovering ...
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Finger Print Reader Dell G5 5587 15inch

I have no idea how to enable the finger print reader in order to login.. Side not how could I get fingerprint reader to then enter sudo password when required in the terminal?
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