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Can't update OS

It's been a while, and I think I need some guidance if anyone can offer it. For the past few days i've tried to update my operating system, and I get this message: "Failed to update Operating ...
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App center problem after upgrading to Jólnir

I installed the elementary OS Jólnir as ISO in my current partition where the Odin was installed. Everything seems to be okay but there is one problem in the app center, when I want to update the ...
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Cannot Update: Failed to update “Shortcuts”

I have Elementary OS 6 Odin installed on a laptop that can triple boot Windows, Elementary and Zorin OS. When I try to update it from the ApppCenter, I get this message (can't install any software too)...
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Waiting for package manager lock

Today I installed Elementary OS 5.1.7 and tried to run the update. Unfortunately, updates cannot be performed. Each time, it hangs on the Waiting for package manager lock message and puts the update ...
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Appcenter can't update system component

Appcenter can't update even though I've tried to update multiple times. It still shows that there is 1 component to update. Also tried to update in command line, it says everything is up to date. How ...
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