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2 answers

The language - Spanish (Colombia) is not available

I'm trying to contribute to Elementary with spanish translations but I want add a Spanish (Colombia) language but I don't have permissions. Could you please help me adding the Spanish (Colombia)?. ...
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1 answer

Unable to join the translators chat

The invite link for Slack at does not work. It says: Please check with the person who shared it with you to see if there's a new link available. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Issues with translation contribution

I was thinking of contributing to some translation to Norwegian. The problem is that it's impossible for me to create an account at the elementary weblate site. When I try to create an account, I ...
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1 answer

Translations Slack invitation link is expired [closed]

anyone knows the new invitation like for Translation Slack that would be great, the link in the website is expired.
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1 answer

How do I translate elementary applications on Weblate?

Weblate says I do not have permissions to translate. And the pt-br project is without active translators, and it is useless to send suggestions as they will not be seen.
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1 vote
0 answers

Translating Elementary @Weblate issues

Firstly, I can't save translations, the button states that I don't have the required privileges. Above it says "There is currently no active translator for this translation, please consider becoming a ...
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1 answer

Translation from English in to Armenian

"There is currently no active translator for this translation, please consider becoming a translator as your suggestion might otherwise remain unreviewed". i see this message in top of the window ...
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