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Hiding titlebar in Firefox?

Why are both close and minimize icons both on the left? Is it possible to make minimize icon appear on the right?
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Always on top of a full-screen app?

An editor (notepadqq) is opened in a full screen mode. I need a calculator app (SpeedCrunch) to be always visible on top of the editor in the same workspace. When I set the calc to be 'always on top' ...
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Change title bar color of some apps

is it possible to change the title bar of some apps to dark specifically sublime text 3? and how? I tried using gtk-theme-variant-switcher but it doesn't work with the latest EOS. There's also an ...
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Juno: no right click menu on title bar

All windows are not displaying context menu when right clicked on theirs title bar. This used to work with a fresh install but it's not working any more on 2 recent installations. I do not know what ...
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